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Since Manhattan is running out of space for cemeteries in New York a new solution for the problem needs to be found. My concept for a solution that the image illustrates is based on my belief that in a hundred years, the physical body wont be as important as it is today . We see trends today that more and more interaction between people occurs through digital media instead of face to face, which according to my theory only will increase. The body is only a shell of the mind, and the mind is the essence. According to selected researchers theories our mind will be registered in a mind file in the future. With this file you can upload and download your memories from an external server. The file will even be able to be used in interaction with machines, so your personality is then stored in a file, which will respond to their environment, as you would have done. The file has an eternal life - in other words, we become immortal and will not have any physical burial of the body. Because it will be so insignificant so the only treat is to process the body into an organic biodegradable powder that goes directly back to nature. However, the mind file will be buried in mind file heaven, and that is what the picture illustrates. A parallel world in New York with mind files that live and work in mind file heaven.

The death-resort is in the form of a floating island situated with views of Manhattan. Here, relatives come to visit their departed loved ones. As a relative you pay to go visit this resort, have some vacation, and spend time with your loved ones mind file, which will be projected as a hologram that you may interact with. The island has its own microclimate, which is independent of external circumstances. Here is the ever sun and holidays. You find hotels here; a variety of restaurants, shopping and various types of entertainment as one can distract them with together with loved ones. The resort has a death theme, but not in a negative sense. Here death is seen as something positive, since it actually doesn’t mean the end of life. Among other things you may go to concerts with bands with extinct members and these will be projected as holograms during their appearance.

This project was made by me during my exchange year during my masters at University of Texas Arlington in 2013.

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