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The stadium is located in the not so densely populated areas of the desert in Dubai, and appears like a mirage as you approach it. The chrome facade reflects everything under and thereby almost disappears to the visible eye.

Within the territory of the form there are two major depressions or inverted hills which includes the sports stadium and a hotel. The stadium, which is optimized for soccer, has the capacity of 40 000 seats. It can be accessed from several directions and the lower bowl is accessible directly from the podium and landscape. A skywalk is situated within the roof structure at high level to facilitates a direct connection between the Hotel and Stadium and reaches out to the roof edge to give amazing views towards the coastline. The ground under the chromium envelope consists of a major landscape area with pathways that takes you to gardens, activity areas and marketplaces. The vegetation density thickens towards the edge of the masterplan. Some of the pockets are hard landscaped, and linked together form a series of plazas to accommodate both permanent and temporary facilities.

This project was used as a proposal for a competition that CRAB studio got invited to for a soccer stadium in Dubai in 2014. 

Participants: Sir Peter Cook, Gavin Robotham, Yang Yuu, Emelie Peterson, Elin Schnipper, Irene Victoria, Michael Buggeli and Reem Nazir.

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