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Last House on Mulholland: Work


There has always been a hard divide between work and home life, in regard to the office being separate from home.And as technology progresses,the need for a separate physical space will not always be necessary.We
are allowed more freedom and the revolution has come to the home. Many people are choosing to work fromhome to save time, money, and the environment from unnecessary car driving.This thesis is looking as to how thismerging of ideas could possibly look like.

The concept behind this project is defined as “Por tmanteau”, which is a “word-blend” and used to describe the concept of two words blending and combining of meanings. Similar to the words “smog” or “brunch”, they bring new meanings as they get combined. Similarly, this term is used for the building program in this project, where “home” and “work”, merge together in unity.The idea of two programs correlating to daily routine, work and home life, will be merged together in to create one.

The proposed house is located in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles, California. It is a single-family dwelling designed to incubate a family while simultaneously bare an office w/ a family member that works from home.This project is examining how the work and home life are co-existing under one roof without being completely merged together nor completely separated.

The new “Portmanteau home + office” would be a part of a new evolution where the office would be as big a part of the dwelling as the living spaces themselves and work as equal without compromises.

This project is based off a lot that was used in a competition with the same name. I used this to develop an option for accommodating work at home at University of California in 2016.

Last House on Mulholland: Welcome
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