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Kurbit: Work


Kurbit is a stackable floor lamp made of bent wood. Taking inspiration from the province Dalarna in Sweden and Karl and Karin Larsson Lilla Hyttnäs, it reached its aesthetic destination. The task initiated with the selection of an artefact in the couple’s home that would be deconstructed. I chose a candlestick, which evolved into the floor lamp - Kurbit. The lamp comes in three different types of wood: birch, oak and walnut with an attached green textile cord in different nuances. It is designed with a sustainable approach and made by myself from the very ground.

Project was done at Linneaus university as a part of the Bachelors degree of Arts in Product Design. The armature was exhibited in 2010 at Stockholm Furniture Fair and published in Japanese Elle Decore the same year.

Kurbit: Welcome
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