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Fantasy Project: Work


Mormor (english grand mother) is a stool that were made in the Fantasy Project as part of the Architecture degree. The intention was to make a piece of furniture with a function of uplifting the room when not in use. The design has a shape that can be viewed more as a work of art when it is not used as a seating furniture. The seating consists of oversized wool yarn that is wrapped around a hole in the middle of the seat that originates from the time when I made Easter chicks with my grand mother when I was younger, which make the design inhibit a playfulness. The stools materials consists of lathed legs in solid oak with a reduces diameter downwards and the wool fabric in the seating. Both of the highest quality that will age with dignity.

This stool was exhibited in Stockholm Funiture Fair in 2011 and were also one of the winners in the design competition Sydform. By this prize the stool were exhibited in Vattenborgen in Karlskrona, Designgalleriet in Malmö, in Conpenhagen Design Trade Fair as well as in Dunkers Kulturhus in Helsingborg.

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