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Let Them Cake: Work


Let them cake is a proposal for a new mix-use building development located in the east part of Downtown Los Angeles. The area that is currently the industrial zone has an old abandonned sears building and new life needs to be brought in to the lot. The complex has a cake theme where different types of cakes are manifested into architecture with its main caractheristics. An overlap between private and public and combinations of residential, commercial and office-space makes the area useful and full of life 24 h a day. The circulation, which consists of a sloping road for both cars and pedestrians, ties the buildings. The circulation cuts thru in the most unexpected spaces and creates surprisemoments throat the whole complex. The building is organized the same way as these cakes are constructed. The wedding cake has several layers of housing inside, the jello is layered but with gigantic glass sculptures inside for the fruit and the donut has a grass glazing on top which makes the top a park with the sprinkles as park benches.

The project was executed for Professor Jimenez Lai at University of California Los Angeles in the spring of 2016. It was also exhibited at "Rumble" the same year.

Let Them Cake: Welcome
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